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here’s to impatient assholes

i’ve been watching this repeatedly for the last 3 minutes and it’s still perfect

let’s have a toast to the douche bags
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I’m just putting this out there.
Honestly, there’s a lot of pure hurt and tiredness in Oliver’s eyes and it’s been obvious throughout Bring Me The Horizon altogether. I mean when they had that interview and he was all like “a nice person can be suicidal” and it just goes to show his sensitivity and sense of emotion and I think that’s why I love their music so much. What he puts into the lyrics is pure emotion and it kills me to know that anyone let alone Oli go through what he does. When it came to Bring Me The Horizon, I found them when they first started out and then Suicide Season came around and it was heartbreaking. After that everyone started to bash them as a band, and I’m glad I withstood all of the shit people said about them because they’ve grown into such a wonderfully put together band. Their lyrics, their emotion, their way of life, their everything. They’re a true band. You don’t find a lyricist like Oli everyday- and I feel like a lot of people take that for granted even though he’s probably the most known guy of the group. He’s not really taken seriously or given the appreciation he deserves- he’s honestly one of my heroes for what he’s done and what he’s put himself through to please us fans.

^ god bless

^ reblogging again for that comment

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when you can’t think of a good comeback so you just
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